Iron Clad Discipline: Build Your Dream Life Without Relying On Motivation Or Willpower

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Iron Clad Discipline: Build Your Dream Life Without Relying On Motivation Or Willpower

Masculine Soul
88 ratings

Men who lack discipline are men who lack results.

Here's an undeniable fact:

Every respectable achievement in life requires discipline.

Whether your aim is to excel in your college studies, build an impressive physique, or scale your online business, the journey towards your goal will be filled with tedious and uncomfortable actions.

Motivational videos and unsustainable routines you quit after a few days are not enough to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

To succeed, you must have an unwavering sense of self-discipline.

In my book, I share the unspoken techniques high-performing men use to crush laziness and procrastination once and for all.

You will learn how to achieve any goal you set your heart on.

No matter what you choose, you can plug it in to the flexible framework I've developed for you.

Additionally, I equip you with the tools you need to remain focused and avoid giving up when the going gets tough.

And if you're struggling and don't even know where to start, I also offer examples and suggestions on how to kickstart your self-improvement journey.

The book contains seven chapters that cover all aspects of the self-improvement process:

In Chapter 1, you'll get an introduction to the Iron Clad philosophy and instructions on how to use the book.

In Chapter 2, you'll learn about the unreliable nature of motivation and how the most successful men on the planet use discipline to achieve their goals without having to talk themselves into it.

Chapter 3 teaches you how to develop a sense of urgency that drives you to take immediate action towards your goals, while Chapter 4 outlines how to cultivate good habits and abandon bad ones.

Chapter 5 is dedicated to breaking down the six most common psychological roadblocks you may encounter on your path to success before they arise.

Chapter 6 offers six simple habits and mindset shifts that you can implement immediately to make your self-improvement journey as smooth as possible.

Finally, Chapter 7 provides a summary of everything you've learned and offers guidance on what to do after finishing the book.

With the knowledge and tools you acquire from this book, you'll have everything you need to make your dreams reality and become the best version of yourself.

Inside, you'll also find a professional UK English audio narration of the book (2 hours 18 min, split chapters):

And for those of you who opt for the Premium Course Bundle ($5 extra), you'll get a few additional goodies:

  • Read-me file: a success roadmap that outlines how to consume the material to ensure optimal results.
  • The 7 Laws of Iron Clad Discipline: a summary/overview of the Iron Clad philosophy. Fantastic for printing out and putting on your bedroom wall or keeping handy in your wallet.
  • Worksheet: the bread and butter of the course bundle. 8 repeatable exercises that take the guesswork out of habit building and outline exactly what you need to do to succeed. Just pick whatever goal your heart is set on and plug it into this template.

Tackle common psychological roadblocks and say goodbye to self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.

I've spent many years in the self-improvement space.

I've never seen an influencer address how to conquer the damaging thoughts and crippling insecurities that plague struggling men.

Inside my book, I make it a priority to re-wire your mind by dismantling society's lies and crushing self-limiting beliefs.

You'll find a heavy emphasis on the psychology of discipline and how your mental models can make or break you when pursuing your goals.

Because having a broken mind is like wearing foggy glasses: you'll never see the world clearly until you fix the root cause.

Battle-tested strategies and actionable tips you can implement right now to conquer your goals.

Today's self-help books are filled to the brim with useless fluff.

I know this because I've read them all.

The authors don't respect your time.

They flood you with generic talking points and platitudes you've heard millions of times...

...all to meet arbitrary page counts prescribed by publishers.

I structured my book in a way that the advice is actionable, relatable, and relevant to your day-to-day life.

Every bit of theory is accompanied with practical advice, and no stone is left unturned.

After reading Iron Clad Discipline, you'll never need to buy another self-help book again.

Here are some of the reviews I've received from over 1,200 happy customers:

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Message me at one of the contact methods below and I will personally give you 100% of your money back - no questions asked.

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Your purchase is completely risk free!

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