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Over 714+ Ordinary Guys Crushed Their Laziness And Turned Into HIGH VALUE MEN Using This Stupidly Effective System.

Do you find yourself going from 0 to 100 to 0 again? 

Do you find yourself quitting early and often? 

Are you always waiting for the perfect moment to start? 

Dear friend, 

If you want to stop being a slave to your excuses, laziness, or comfort zone.. 

While outworking others to the point of them scratching their heads wondering how, then read on...

Here's my story: 

I used to be a lazy slacker who... 

  • ­Failed his classes, almost to the point of getting kicked out of college 
  • Smoked half a pack of cigarettes per day 
  • ­Burned his weekends doing nothing useful 
  • ­Enjoyed alcohol (and sometimes harder drugs) a little bit too much 

And now I... 

  • ­Have received multiple graduate school offers 
  • ­Speak two more languages (fluently) 
  • ­Never drink, smoke, or do any other drugs 
  • ­Am in fantastic physical shape and enjoy exercising daily 
  • ­Have a profitable online business paying me $4k/month IN MY SLEEP (established in less than 1 year)

This is me. These pictures were taken 2 years apart.

I used to struggle to pay my rent. Now I receive monthly paychecks like these on top of my 9-5 without lifting a finger.

The one common denominator that helped me achieve these things?

Iron Clad Discipline.

Motivation always works like a swing...

It lifts you up for a short time, but lets you down sooner or later.

The only way to achieve long-term results is to put yourself in the driver's seat and become a disciplined man.


✅ The dumbest and most dangerous trade the average Joe makes his whole life and why this mistake could kill your career and goals forever (Page 59)

✅ How your family can help you become more disciplined without saying a single word (they don't even have to be in the same room as you!) (Page 36)

✅ A rational demonstration of a common fear that costs you money, freedom, and the jealous looks of your neighbors! (Page 62)

✅ A plain drawing that could make you stop smoking today (Page 19)

✅ An admittedly simple strategy to "play it safe", so you can bail out (but likely won't) when beginning to take action. (This is actually so simple that everyone should be doing it already..) Pages 30 + 31

✅ The truth about Motivation and why it's as useless as a reddit award (Most guys don't know that motivation is nothing but your emotional brain tricking you into doing nothing... And In Pages 4-8 I'll reveal something Mike Tyson knows that you don't...)

✅ A common sales tactic, that can help you probably 10x the results of your new, disciplined habits. (Almost nothing gets done in the sales world without this and it applies as much to discipline. It can help you achieve your goals quicker...) Page 16

Entrepreneurship has become a popular sport in the age of the internet...

And you can bet the moon-shaped muscle you're sitting on that the top guys (raking in millions each year) are the most disciplined...

But don't take my word for it - see what my customers have to say!

Happy customer #1: "Reading your course was like a light switch going off in my brain."

Happy customer #2: "changed my routine completely... Never been this consistent"

Happy customer #3: "I go to the gym no matter how I feel now"

Happy customer #4: "If guys want to change their lives, they should start with your course... literally the last excuses a guy could have are removed in the end"

Happy customer #5: "your unique and different angle is one of the best I have encountered."

Happy customer #6: "jam-packed with essential information that every dad should've taught his son"

Happy customer #7: "I don't see how one can read this book, apply the strategies mentioned and still be a lazy fat slob."

Happy customer #8: "Really helps you cut through the bullshit and make the desired action obvious."

Happy customer #9: "could not take my concentration off the book for a single second... I loved it brother"

Happy customer #10: "The techniques inside are so simple and easy to apply"

Happy customer #11: "It's the realest piece of advice I have ever read."

Inside, you'll find:

A Strategy Benjamin Franklin used to turn discipline into a "paint by numbers" activity (you can follow it almost on autopilot without wasting extra mental energy...) (Page 70)

✅ 7 Simple questions you need to ask yourself if you want to clear your path for Iron Clad Discipline (Page 12)

The secret behind discipline ­- What it is and how to demystify it (Page 9)

✅ The two Key Ingredients of Discipline (On Page 10 you'll learn the "what". Most men fail to understand this about discipline. And they don't need to worry about the "how" until they understand this part!)

The most difficult part of building up discipline ­ Broken down into baby steps to ensure your success! (This is about as precious as a 1:1 coaching session. It can't get simpler than this..) Page 13

✅ A "piece of paper" hack that Earl Nightingale already knew, that could help you say goodbye to virtually any bad habit. (Page 24)

The "Rehab Clinic" method to cut out bad habits without suffering. (Most guys don't want to do this because they want to be tough or cool and that's why they fail...) Page 24

✅ A sneaky method to trick your brain into thinking going to the gym is as easy as... brushing your teeth!

✅ How to use accountability and the biggest mistake you should avoid when doing so (Page 28)

The "Just Once" ­ Strategy that can trick your brain into doing what you've been avoiding for so long. (If you're like most people and love comfort, this can help you overcome this love...) Page 29

✅ Another method that will obliterate your excuses while saving you time and effort on the things you need to get done! (Page 33)

The "productivity drug" secret on becoming disciplined. You can do this today without popping nasty pills. (While everyone and their mother is looking for shortcuts, you can use this knowledge to surpass them while they bash their heads against the wall...) Pages 33­-36

✅The most important pillar of Iron Clad Discipline that Friedrich Nietzsche already knew. (This pillar is the foundation that makes everything work - guys who put enough time in it usually benefit for the rest of their lives...) Page 40

A mental reframing strategy to avoid relapsing into bad behavior (Page 24)

✅ An ancient reason why your family and friends can help you become more disciplined and why you should "use" them for it! (Page 44)

How an expensive gym can help you stay disciplined (Page 49)

✅ The ridiculous reason most people can't stay disciplined longer than 3 days and the secret you need to know to end up in a better place (Page 48)

What "negative discipline" is and when you need it (Page 23)

How telling people about your goals completely ruins your ability to achieve them! (Page 53)

A typical problem that haunts most High ­IQ guys in everything they do and how you can avoid it. (This whole issue has gotten worse and affects more and more people thanks to the internet...) Page 54

✅ The boring reason why prisoners are jacked already and you're not. (Page 55)

The biggest reason that holds everyone (including me sometimes) back from getting what they want 99 out of 100 times. (Page 21) Hint: Fat people love this...

A collection of bizarre excuses that people keep telling themselves to avoid taking action (and how to avoid this common pitfall...) Page 57

5 Exercises that you can try this week to "flip your life around" (Page 64)

✅ Why you should never try to do everything at once (Page 74)

What to do with this book after you're done reading it (Page 76)

And so much more...

Okay, so here's the deal:

You can have a copy of my precious eBook "Iron Clad Discipline" that has already helped more than 714+ guys transform themselves into disciplined men for the price of two McDonald's meals...

Which is a bargain, considering you can use this method to:

  • Score a stunning girlfriend
  • Get in incredible shape
  • Make obscene amounts of money
  • Get promoted at work without even asking
  • Quit smoking effortlessly
  • Spend less time in front of screens
  • And 100s of other things you know you should be doing!

In fact, here's how confident I am this will work for you...

If you purchase this course, apply what's written inside for 30 days, and don't see MASSIVE changes in your ability to pursue and achieve your goals, contact me below and I will refund you 100% of the cost. No questions asked.

Your purchase is completely risk free! What's your excuse now?


Click "I want this!", grab your copy and start reading!


  • By purchasing, you gain lifetime access to the course + ALL future updates. Your purchase is protected by our no bullshit 30 day money-back guarantee.

  • By purchasing, you gain lifetime access to the course + ALL future updates. Your purchase is protected by our no bullshit 30 day money-back guarantee.


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